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motor installation services

The garage door opener motor can breakdown due to various reasons. The main causes of faulty or damages are poor maintenance and wear and tear as a result of normal usage. Being an electronic and electric driven the motor is also likely to break down as a result of power failures like short circuiting or such. To avoid such damages you should ensure a well-controlled and uninterrupted power supply and that the motor is correctly connected to the power source. Damages caused by poor maintenance can be well prevented through proper and in time maintenance practices like lubricating the motor to reduce friction among other practices. You can always visit or call Sayville garage door repair, NY to receive free motor maintenance tips from our garage door reinforcing experts. You can also access free maintenance tips online without any charges. Just as the broken spring, the motor damage is caused by wear and tear which results from the normal opening and closing of the garage door. In this case very little can be done to prevent the motor from breaking down because the garage must be used from time to time but avoiding unnecessary opening and close of the garage door may prolong the motor lifespan. Contact us at any time or day and we will send the right personnel to repair or replace your motor as need be.